An explosion-proof emergency stop switch is a device designed to quickly cut off power to electrical circuits located in potentially explosive areas. Its main purpose is to prevent potential explosions by eliminating the source of sparks or excessive heat that may occur as a result of an electrical fault. Made of materials resistant to extreme conditions, it is able to withstand strong impacts and aggressive chemical environments.

The Ex/ATEX safety switch with a 10 cm diameter knob is a key device for ensuring safety in explosion-prone areas, such as Zone 1. Its unique feature, the large diameter of the knob, allows for easy manipulation even under challenging conditions, which is invaluable, especially when the user is wearing thick protective gloves. The large […]

The ATEX/Ex safety switch with a mushroom-shaped button unlocked by a key is a control device used in explosion hazard areas. Its main feature is a mushroom-shaped button that is activated or reset with a special key. The use of a key prevents unauthorized use of the switch, enhancing operational safety. The device complies with […]

Where to Use Safety Switches with ATEX Certification

Such switches are essential in places where there is a high risk of an explosive atmosphere, e.g., in the chemical, petrochemical, gas industry, or grain processing plants. Their presence is required by international safety standards, including the ATEX directive in the European Union. They enable quick intervention in case of failure, minimizing the risk of industrial disasters.