An emergency switch for explosion hazard areas is a specialized safety device whose task is to immediately cut off electricity in areas where there is a risk of explosion. Its operation is based on a quick response to emergency signals, which helps avoid dangerous events such as fires or explosions resulting from electrical or mechanical failures.

The Ex/ATEX safety switch with a 10 cm diameter knob is a key device for ensuring safety in explosion-prone areas, such as Zone 1. Its unique feature, the large diameter of the knob, allows for easy manipulation even under challenging conditions, which is invaluable, especially when the user is wearing thick protective gloves. The large […]

The ATEX/Ex safety switch with a mushroom-shaped button unlocked by a key is a control device used in explosion hazard areas. Its main feature is a mushroom-shaped button that is activated or reset with a special key. The use of a key prevents unauthorized use of the switch, enhancing operational safety. The device complies with […]

Where to use emergency stop switches for explosion hazard areas

This device is an indispensable element of the safety infrastructure in the operational industry, such as chemical or energy plants, and wherever there are explosion hazard zones. Thanks to the use of emergency switches, it is possible to quickly respond to a threat, which is crucial for protecting human life and minimizing material losses in the event of a failure.